Echoes of Prophecy

28 Days Later - Part 1

The action picked up on the morning of 22 Barrakas, the day after the party’s return from the ruins of Dorasharn. Being Sul, everyone spent the day relaxing and passing the time with various distractions: hrazhak (Reborn); gambling, whoring, drinking and proselytizing (Brandis); praying (Illiyana); watching Brandis win/lose his money (Kryle). Bright and early on Mol, Kryle headed out and offered his services to the Blackwheel Company and Reborn and Illyana headed out to look for work in their respective trades. Reborn found work with a blacksmith in Tavick’s Market, and Illiyana found work in a small temple of the Host.

The next month passed quickly as the party members acclimated themselves to Sharn and toiled away at their new jobs (except Brandis who spent most of his time gambling, drinking and whoring). The Blackwheel Company made good use of Kryle’s skills, sending him to quietly “retrieve” some artifacts and eliminate a troublesome, non-dragonmarked member of one of the lesser Houses. Reborn continued to work for the blacksmith during the day and spent his free time looking for his missing parts. He also developed a keen interest in hrazhak and started playing in some pick-up games. Brandis also developed an interest in hrazhak and lost a sizable sum of money gambling on the sport with Boz. Illiyana was diligent in her duties at the temple, using her skill with alchemy to prepare healing remedies for the sick. During her time at the temple, she began to hear rumors of an unusual plague spreading through Lower Tavick’s Landing.

On the evening of 21 Rhaan, Sgt. Baldur Dolom and a small contingent of the Sharn Watch arrived at the Rusty Sock looking for the party. Baldur was seeking the party’s aid for a mission to rescue his sister from the Foundation district of Lower Tavick’s Landing. Like her twin brother, Freyda is a sergeant in the Sharn Watch and was stationed in the Black Arch district adjacent to Foundation. Black Arch is a heavily patrolled and heavily fortified district because it represents a primary point of travel between the lower wards and the rest of the city. Recently, reports of undead attacks in Foundation prompted the Watch to dispatch details to the adjacent district to investigate. The first detail returned with casualties and confirmation of the undead threat. Freyda’s detail was dispatched to investigate further, and it didn’t return. The loss of the details and the spread of the plague prompted the Watch to close Black Arch. Since his superiors wouldn’t allow Baldur to enter Black Arch, he came to the party and offered them 500 galifars for their help.

The party agreed and headed to Black Arch garrison early the following morning to meet with Captain Elias Ketch, Freyda’s superior. Elias explained the situation in Foundation and described the nature of the plague that gripped the district. Apparently, mindless undead (zombies) were spreading a necromantic plague in the district that turned its victims into zombies. The sergeant from the first Watch detail dispatched to Foundation had been injured by the zombies and had returned with a strange illness. After succumbing to his injuries, the sergeant promptly rose as a zombie and killed the chaplain and two of his assistants who were performing last rites. After this incident, Black Arch was closed, and the Watch began monitoring the refugees fleeing Foundation for signs of illness. Those affected were being quarantined on a landing outside the outside the fortifications of Black Arch Garrison. Elias was able to provide the party with a map of foundation, as well as the planned patrol route for Freyda’s detail and a general suggestion on where it might seek refuge. He also provided the party with access to the garrison arsenal and magical flare to call in aerial transport once the detail was located.

Armed with the information and supplies from Capt. Ketch, the party headed into Foundation. They party fought their way along the patrol route, encountering zombies and carcass eaters along the way. One of the zombies wore the insignia of the King’s Citadel and carried official identification. A victim of the carcass eaters was found with 25 doses of dreamlily, which Kryle pocketed. Eventually, the party found the survivors of Freyda’s Watch detail in a tavern called the Winchester. Two of the guards had been killed, and one of the remaining guards was sick. Five commoners had also taken refuge in the tavern. Since it would soon be dark, the party decided that it would be best to make a break for one of the skybridges and signal their transportation. Freyda and her guards agreed. Kryle agreed to scout ahead and set off the magical flare, since he was the quickest and stealthiest member of the group.

As the group reached the skybridge, it was attacked by a group of four zombies, one of whom had been a guard in Freyda’s detail. Kryle managed to activate the flare before the zombies saw him, and then the battle was joined. While Kryle, Illyana, Reborn and the remaining members of the Watch made short work of the zombies, Brandis bravely protected the commoners. Shortly after the last zombie fell, the rescue airship arrived and carried the group back to Black Arch garrison. The party reported the events of the mission to Capt. Ketch. He was particularly interested in the zombie that wore the insignia of the King’s Citadel and took possession of the regalia found on that body. The party collected their payment and headed back to the Rusty Sock. The following day, Kryle reported the events of the party’s mission to his superiors in the Blackwheel Company.

The necromantic plague continued to rage in Foundation, accompanied by lurid images in the Sharn Inquisitive of the Sharn Watch in Black Arch garrison turning back fleeing citizens. After a few days, the party received an official summons from Lieutenant Nixon of the King’s Dark Lanterns. The party traveled to the headquarters of the Citadel in the Ambassador Towers district on 26 Rhaan. Lt. Nixon questioned the party about the zombie wearing the regalia of the King’s Citadel. He explained that the unfortunate agent had been part of a group dispatched to investigate a Karrnathi necro-arsenal found in northern Breland. The Karrns built these necro-arsenals in areas that they occupied during the Last War. While the Karrns denied involvement in the necromantic plague now raging in Foundation, the appearance of the zombie agent suggested that someone else (possibly the Emerald Claw) had gained control of the abandoned necro-arsenal and its contents. Lt. Nixon asked the party to assist with the investigation of Karrnathi/Emerald Claw activity in Sharn, since the Watch was being stretched to its limits holding the line in Black Arch. The party agreed to help and decided to focus on the warehouse districts of Lower Dura as possible points of entry for the saboteurs.



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