Capt. Roland Nixon


Roland Nixon was born in Wroat in 970 YK. His father was a low-ranking officer in the Brelish military, and his mother was a magewright. Roland’s father was a hard man who spent most of his son’s childhood on the battlefield. Roland was constantly trying to live up to his absentee father’s expectations. In a desperate attempt to gain his father’s approval, Roland joined the Brelish army at the age of fifteen.

In 990 YK, Roland came to the attention of an agent of the King’s Citadel who was attached to his unit. The man took Roland under his wing and sponsored him for membership in the Dark Lanterns. After his training, Roland was assigned to a unit of the Dark Lanterns known as the Party Crashers. The Party Crashers were responsible for infiltrating enemy territory and organizing insurrections.

When the Last War came to an end with the Treaty of Thronehold, the Brelish government officially distanced itself from the practice of instigating insurrection to accomplish regime change. The Party Crashers were disbanded, and Roland was re-assigned to a unit responsible for counter-intelligence activities in Breland’s major cities. For the lst two years, Roland has been stationed in Sharn, serving as a handler for deep-cover agents positioned in the Dragonmarked Houses, embassies of foreign powers, and other organizations of infuence.

Capt. Roland Nixon

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