Psiforged warrior of unique design

  • Levels: Fighter4(Warforged sub4)/ Psion3(Kineticist)
    • Abilities: Str 18, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 8/ AC16/ HP100 Speed 30/ PSI Points15+4Cog Crystal
    • Saves: Fort +9, Ref +2, Will +4(+8vs Fear) Init+4 BAB 6-1+4(+9/+4 total)
    • L1 Features: Battle Hard.(+3init & Fear Save)/Psiforged Body (+1PSI.Pt/Cog Crystal Store) Power Attack
    • L2 Features: Overload Metabolism/ Bravery (+1 Fear Save +4Total)
    • L3 Features: Powerful Charge/ Arm. Training (+1AC/-2Arm.Chk/+3MaxDex)
    • L4 Features: Psicrystal Affinity (Friendly +3Diplomacy)//Demoralize 1/ Force Screen 1/ Control Object1
    • L5 Features: *Least Legacy/ Cleave/ Matter Agitation 1// Energy Ray 1
    • L6 Features: *Easy Move (Move30/-2Arm.Chk/+3MaxDex)// Energy Adaptation 2/ Energy Missile 2
    • L7 Features: Body as Weapon (+2DMG Slam & component weapons)/ Expanded Knowledge (Astral Construct 1)

Favorite Weapon: Masterwork Crysteel Greatsword(+1MW/ +1DMG as long as he has PSI points) +10/+5 2D6+7

Reborn’s Composite Armor is a Legacy item that currently acts as Warforged Composite Armor +2 with no movement penalties. The armor will progress as Reborn gains levels adding Telepath and Protection PSI Powers to be determined. The Legacy effect is a constant, unintelligible telepathic whisper that saps WIL, BAB and HP as the Legacy is realized.


Reborn was discovered during the waning years of the Last War. 3 teenagers from the tiny farming village of High Hill, just up the Dagger river from Sharn, followed a mysterious tunnel to a root-choked hall filled with the skeletons of fallen dwarven warriors. At the end of the hall, a powerful looking construct lay draped in oak roots with a gleaming battleaxe embedded in its head and its right hand gripping the throat of a long dead dwarven hero. One of the teens removed the axe on a dare. The oak roots immediately began to wither as the construct sprang to life. As the three fled the collapsing tunnel, one fell, critically wounded by a falling boulder. When the dust cleared they saw the hulking shape of the construct rescuing their companion from certain doom. The fearsome creature spoke haltingly and with a stutter. He seemed lost and badly damaged. One of the teens, a spunky farm girl named Glee, took pity on him and offered to hide him in an abandoned spring house if he would help carry her injured brother back to town. He agreed, and over time he was adopted into Glee’s family following the loss of her brother who died of his wounds some days later. These were Reborn’s first memories. Reborn knows that he was created for a purpose, but neither his creator nor his purpose are known to him.

Reborn is a Warforged guardian of unique construction. His face, like others of his kind, is noseless and artificial, crafted of pitted iron and blue agate. The agate plate on his forehead bears the primordial rune “First-born” but a near fatal blow has cracked the plate and altered the rune’s meaning to “Re-born”. He often wears a carved oaken mask over his damaged face as a courtesy to those who would be shocked by such a sight. The rest of his body is tall and powerful, fully 6’3” and nearly 260lbs. Constructed of perfectly symmetrical ropey oak roots and meticulously braided horsehair, Reborn’s physique looks uncommonly tough even for a warforged. He tends to wear human clothing and has adopted human mannerisms, although he occasionally incorporates a tool or other useful object into his body without thinking. His life in a small town among the humans has given him a keen sense of humor and a gleam in his green eye that is unmistakable as a smile.

Reborn’s ancient and war worn appearance hides a remarkably young soul. His human family in High Hill accepted him as one of their own and he has had as close to a normal human childhood as possible. His earliest memories were of the townspeople reacting to him with fear and disgust until his “sister” Glee said something to make them laugh. Since then, Reborn has resorted to humor to break the ice in awkward situations. He does not deny or hate his warforged heritage, he simply doesn’t know it. Reborn remembers giving his only possessions, his pitted iron armor and blue agate plates, to a stranger in exchange for a chance at life for his injured “brother” Jacyn. He knows the shape, color and feel of these treasures and would one day like them back.

Through service to Sharn and the help of his companions, Reborn has recovered his lost components and some of his strength. He spends much of his time searching his own mind for any scrap of his forgotten past. This has lead to a psionic awakening which cannot be a mere coincidence. Are coincidences even possible in Eberron where in every breeze, every dust mote, there is the shadow of prophecy?


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