Illiyanna Questora

Lawfull Good Cleric of the Soverign Host


Class Level

Level 4 Cleric/Level 3 Human Paragon








Armor Class







Illiyana Questora

Illiyana Qustora was born in the western edge of the forest surrounding the village of Woodhelm. Her mother was a promiscuous but naive peasant farm girl who fell under the charms of a wandering vagabond who was passing through the area. With the vagabonds empty promise to return and take her away from her dull life, this peasant girl soon found herself with child. As the months of the pregnancy passed she soon realized that the father of her child had no intentions of returning to her.

Illyana’s mother did not recover from the strain of giving birth. The midwife who assisted in the birth realized that someone who was more skilled in the healing arts would be needed if the young mother was to survive. The midwife dispatched a messenger to the local monastery of the Society of Questora for a cleric to come as quickly as possible or the outlook for this young woman would be dire. The monastery was several days away on foot and not on any of the main transport routs. Unfortunately the peasant girl’s condition took a turn for the worse and she died just as the messenger arrived to fetch a cleric. By the time the cleric arrived the girl was dead and beyond resurrection.

Since this newborn girl had no family save her now dead mother and an unknown father, she had no one to care for her. The cleric know as Claudius saw this as a sign from The Sovereign Host that he was to raise this child and teach her to be a defender of all that is good and pure in the world. With that Claudius and young Illiyana returned to the monastery of the Society of Questora and for both to start on the path laid out to them.

Illiyana turned out to be an exceptional girl and greatly loves by her teachers. The men and women of the monastery became like mothers and fathers to her and the other children like brothers and sisters. No one was more proud of Illiyana that Claudius as they shared a special bond of love that only a dutiful daughter and a loving father could share. As Illiyana grew out of the childhood years and into teen years her skill as a healer was unmatched to any other students. Later, under Claudius’s tutelage she became a skilled warrior for defending good can be a dangerous undertaking in a world full of evil and corruption. “Good will prevail only if good is very, very careful…and prepared”, was the one thing that Claudius never stopped emphasizing.

When Illiyana grew into an adult and her training complete, it was time for her to leave all that she had known since she could remember. As a sign of gratitude to those who raised her she took on the surname of Questora to honor the beliefs and ideals the she was raised on. The time to leave those who were her family and friends was at hand; to leave the one man in her life that was a mentor, friend and a father. A time to leave behind all that is known and face the unknown of the outside world of Eberron….

Illiyanna Questora

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