Reincarnation of Brandis


Brandis “Yaer” Quinnson

Druid (7)

Hit Dice: 7d8 (56 hp)
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Speed: 30 ft.
AC: 15 (+2 Dex, +3 Leather Armor +1)
Attacks: Quarterstaff +4 melee; or +1 Enchanted Composite Longbow +9 ranged
Damage: Quarterstaff 1d6; or Masterwork Composite Longbow 1d8+1
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Abilities: Low-Light Vision, Keen Senses, Elven Immunities, Elven Magic, Nature Bond (Luck Domain), Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Bit of Luck, True Strike, Blur, Trackless Step, Resist Nature’s Lure, Wild Shape (2/day)
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +9
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 19, Cha 15
Skills: Craft (Bowmaking) +13, Heal +14, Knowledge (Geography) +9, Knowledge (History) +5, Knowledge (Nature) +15, Linguistics +4, Perception +15, Sense Motive +11, Spellcraft +7, Survival +19
Feats: Weapon Proficiency (Elven), Weapon Proficiency (Druid), Armor Proficiency (Light & Medium), Child of Winter, Skill Focus (Survival), Zen Archery, Aberrant Dragonmark (Shield)

Climate/Terrain: Any forest, hill, underground, slums, dungeon, brothel, tavern, ditch, sewer
Organization: With any group he can mooch off of or will advance his destiny to see the coming winter.
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: Poor
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: By character class

In death and reincarnation Brandis has undergone dramatic changes beyond simply passing through the planes of existence. In body, Brandis (or Yaer in public) is the elf version of his former human self. He is quick and agile, albeit at the expense constitution, and far more handsome than his human self ever was.

But, perhaps even more dramatic is the corruption of his mind. His mind is still a powerful force to be reckoned with. Yet, although he has the same capacity of thought, he has forgotten much from his previous life.

More than this, though, his mind has been demented with insanity. Whether it be damage to his brain from the reincarnation or a malevolent influence over his soul now that he has Khyber’s mark on him, Brandis has become moderately paranoid that there are plots against him fulfilling his destiny.

All in all, though, Brandis is still Brandis. He still has an innate talent in the druidic arts and as a survivalist. He is still feral chaos personified. And he is still as obnoxious and lazy as ever.


In a past life Brandis fell in with the Children of Winter. He joined them as an adolescent and learned their ways over the course of a decade. He will tell you that in the youth of his former human form, their message of death and a coming fall of civilization appealed to him. However, he did not care for their proactive methods to help provoke this end of days nor their zeal to ensure their prophecies come true. Thus, he left the Children of Winter and spent the next few years drifting, living off the land, and assisting groups he would run into until they asked him to move on.

This continued until he joined up with a ragtag group of adventurers with a shared destiny he believed would lead him to his own fate. That fate turned out to be the death of Brandis at the hands of a self proclaimed Kabold king. However, with his reincarnation into an elven body with tremendous longevity and a powerful aberrant dragonmark, time will tell where fate eventually leads him.


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